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  • Artist Feature: David Smus
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Artist Feature: David Smus

David Smus is one of the sculptors featured at Harvest Gold. He works in lost-wax bronze sculpture and creates limited editions as well as commissioned works.


Having grown up in areas of rural Maine, Smus's work reflects his passion for wildlife. He began as a taxidermist, which provided him with an extensive knowledge of animal anatomy.

"Piggy Back"

This knowledge would prove indispensable in his later career as an artist. Later, he earned a degree in wildlife management from the University of Maine but he ultimately turned to his true calling: art.

"Gentlest of Giants"

To see more of his work, stop in the gallery or explore the website! To learn more about David Smus's creative process, watch a statement from the artist himself, here.

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    Harvest Gold Gallery

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