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Spring Gemstones

Happy March! After a long winter, spring is finally here, and with it is Aquamarine. Aquamarine is March's birthstone and comes in a blue or cyan variety of beryl. Beryl, a popular mineral, occurs in a diversity of colors and has several important gemstone varieties. 

Beryl can come in green, blue, yellow, red (the rarest), and white. Aquamarine is a light blue version of beryl and can be found right here in Maine! Here are some Maine aquamarines that Lynda has available for custom jewelry.


Not only is aquamarine a spring gemstone, but so is green tourmaline! Tourmaline is a Maine gemstone, which also comes in different colors. Green tourmaline specifically stimulates happiness and joy for life. We have plenty of green tourmaline jewelry here at the gallery. These gemstones look beautiful with the green spring colors to come.

Spring time is almost here! 

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