William Colburn Garden Sculptures
William F. Colburn, Jr. was born in Birmingham, Alabama and currently resides and works in Fairhope, Alabama. Following in his fathers' footsteps, he began welding at a very young age and in the last 15 years has created a business all his own of unique and creative metal sculptures. He has exhibited in many states throughout North America and continues to travel the U.S. participating in art festivals primarily during the spring and summer months. William has won numerous arts and festival awards since 2000 and has gained recognition in the iron and metal art industry. William's work has also been sold in art and home design catalogs such as Sundance and Crow's Nest Trading Company.

MEDIA: Iron and steel creations, hand cut with a plasma or gas fuel torch, shaped over a coal fired forge and weld fabricated. Some projects are sand cast from self-made molds using a coal fired melting forge. Incorporate brass, aluminum, and natural stones into many projects. Artistic Studio Furniture, Indoor and Outdoor Sculpture, Structural and Accent Architectural Pieces.

ARTIST STATEMENT: Fabricated iron and steel sculpture is designed and created by the artist in his private studio. A studio assistant is used to grind welds, simple assembly and assist in weld fabrication of heavy sculpture and architectural pieces. All work is done using hand held torches, coal fired forge, mig and tig welders and various designed hand held hammers. No commercial or automated equipment is used in any phase of creation or design.