Lucky Ducks Glass Studio

Lucky Ducks has been in the glassblowing trade since the early eighties. The company prides itself on producing the highest quality glass art at affordable prices. After many years of experimenting, Lucky Ducks now concentrates on fine fragrance bottles and pendants and salt & pepper shakers. These gems are the collectibles of today and the antiques of tomorrow.

Each piece of glass has been individually crafted using a technique called lampworking. Lampworking is the process by which the artist works the glass over a small flame of intense heat, adding luxuriant colors and shaping the piece to the desired form. Borosilicate glass (pyrex) is used for this process, which contributes to the durability of the glass.

Chrome and 14-K gold plated tops and fittings are especially made for these pieces. The tops are non-corrosive and turn the bottle into a functional piece of art.