Lenny Novak

"Lenny Novak, aka Lenny Lonewolf, has been making his Dreamcatchers since he first saw an Objiway Dreamcatcher by Gail Carson in the early 90's. Without being taught the traditionally accepted Dreamcatcher he attempted to duplicate the web. What occurred was the development of his own web after making several hundred on willow tree hoops. When he was asked to teach what was accepted as a Dreamcatcher he learned to do the Objiway web but continued to make his own web. 

After 30 years of refining his technique with his unique style web and adding other mediums to his Dreamcatchers, he was asked to exhibit at the Abbe Museum (a Smithsonian affiliate). The Smithsonian recognized only the Objiway web as being a Dreamcatcher, but this was their first Contemporary Native American Sculpture category. It also met the criteria for a Dreamcatcher. 

To thank Abbe for acknowledging contemporary artists he donated a piece for their permanent collection. Since then he has exhibited at other contemporary art exhibits such as the Great Plain Museum in Lincoln Nebraska .....

Lenny is the only person in the world to create these beautiful unique Dreamcatcher sculptures. He continues to evolve and refine his technique utilizing fine burls, exotic woods and feathers, antlers, horns, and incorporating other mediums. His high end museum sculptures are titled and he continues to hand sign them."