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  • William Janelle at Harvest Gold
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William Janelle at Harvest Gold

On August 24, William "Bill" Janelle joined us at Harvest Gold for a carving demonstration. It was a beautiful summer day in Lovell, with blue skies and a light breeze. Bill set up his station in the parking lot of the Gallery, with views of Kezar in the background, and went straight to work. Taking inspiration from his surroundings, Bill started by working on a current piece, an old man's face sculpted from wood. Today he focused on refining the man's beard. Bill's artistry is immediately evident; when looking at the piece, particularly the beard and hair, it's possible to gain a sense of relaxed movement within the work. After making progress with this piece, Bill moved on to a marble sculpture, further demonstrating his skill. His attention to detail creates distinct texture and depth within his pieces. Despite being carved from stone, you can almost feel the day's breeze when looking at the sculpture. 

Although focused on his work, Bill happily offered information to those watching the demonstration. He answered questions and allowed guests to get up close while he carved, which provided a unique opportunity for many who do not get to experience this art form on a regular basis.

While Bill was working, a customer stopped by specifically to speak with him about a wooden loon sculpture he purchased several years ago. The customer inquired about preserving the color painted on the wood. Bill shared his knowledge of preserving pieces such as this and different ways of treating the wood, such as linseed oil. Bill explained that his wood sculptures, painted or otherwise, will change in color over the years, depending on whether it is treated and what is used to do so. This adds another dimension to his art - it may not look the same in 10, 20, or 30 years.

After seeing Bill at work, those who saw him may think differently when they look at one of his pieces. We are very grateful that Bill shared his artistic skills with us and all who came to watch and learn.


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