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Welcome to Our New Employee, Liz

Say hello to our newest employee, Liz Kerr. Liz grew up in Lovell and returned after college and graduate school. She has recently moved to Bridgton, but remains active in the Lovell community.

After graduating from Fryeburg Academy, Liz went to college at Lesley University, studying European history and art history. She worked at the Museum of Fine Arts and the Paul Revere House while living in Massachusetts. Liz had already spent a lot of time in the U.K. visiting her godmother and decided to pursue her graduate degree there. She attended Cardiff University in Wales, attaining a degree in British Medieval Studies. 

Liz returned home to Lovell after her studies in Wales. She has spent time traveling back and forth to the U.K. over the last few years but has settled down and begun to find her niche in the community. Liz started volunteering at the Lovell Historical Society and is now a board member. She currently works at the Lodge at Pleasant Point and loves being able to look out at Kezar whenever she's at work. Liz enjoys being outside, particularly if she's with her yellow lab, Winnie. She also enjoys spending time with her half Maine coon/half Siamese cat, Jack. In addition to her pets and the outdoors, Liz likes to travel, visit museums, and read any history book she can get her hands on. As a lover of art, she is very excited to join us at Harvest Gold.

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