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  • Take a peek at some of Harvest Gold's custom jewelry!
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Take a peek at some of Harvest Gold's custom jewelry!

Have an old bracelet from your grandmother that's not quite your style? Looking to have a one-of-a-kind engagement ring made just for you? In addition to their catalogue of jewelry, Bill and Lynda also craft custom pieces. Whether it's an entirely new piece, something old made anew, or a combination of the two, Bill and Lynda work with clients to create entirely unique items suited to the individual. Take a look at some of their recent custom work:

This custom engagement ring contains the bride's grandmother's diamond. It has been carefully reset to suit the taste of the bride, who is getting married this week.

The clasp of this tennis bracelet was broken and never was easy to work, so she never wore it. She brought it in to Harvest Gold to find a solution and here is the end product. It has been set on a Channel Gold Bracelet for easy, comfortable wear. The Channel Gold Bracelet also reflects the gems, adding some extra shine.

This pendant was crafted from the owner's first engagement ring. Now, she can enjoy it in a new form.

Here is a very detailed custom engagement ring. Bill and Lynda work with customers to make sure that each piece fits their wants, needs, and personal style.

When their mother died, three sisters each got a portion of her diamond bracelet. One sister came to Harvest Gold to find a way to wear her third of the bracelet. She ultimately chose to have it set in an Overlap Channel Gold Bracelet so she can happily wear it for the rest of her life, (shown in open position).

The custom carved aquamarine gemstone set in this ring was a gift to the owner. It has been set in rose gold with fleur-de-lis detailing.

As you can see, there are many creative ways to re-imagine family jewelry and stones, as well as unique options to create an entirely new piece of jewelry. Bill and Lynda are happy to help guide you through the process of designing your piece, providing suggestions based on their own expertise. Come in to look through albums of other custom pieces or bring in some jewelry you may like to transform into something new! Bill and Lynda are always happy to help!

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