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Summer Update

Happy Independence Day from your friends at Harvest Gold Gallery! Summer is now in full swing and more exciting news and events are around every corner. The sunny season goes by in the blink of an eye, so make sure you enjoy it with us before it tuns to winter! 

The garden is growing well with the weekly rains we've been scheduled for here in Center Lovell, but we haven't been without our sunny days. The leafy greens, spinach and lettuce, have sprouted and are multiplying at a staggering rate. Our peas have blossomed, which we expect to harvest a good crop of this summer. We have invested in new sprinklers (Rain Tree 360 Microsprinklers) that make irrigating the beds a snap! The three amaryllis Lynda's Grandmother sent from Florida about 35 years ago from have turned into eighty flowers and a testament to Bill's green thumb. They are happy to have been moved outside. Lilac bushes have been trimmed, and the never-ending task of weeding continues. Next on the list is to fill our new flower box with soil so our already flowering strawberries can have a nice home in the sun.Looking ahead, a new patch of eager-to-be-eaten raspberries and an enormous crop of peaches. While in years past we have grown many delicious peaches from our own tree, last year a branch broke away and made us worried we would lose a good portion of the fruit. Thanks to some help from Eli Hutchins, from Hutch's Property and Tree, we were able to splint the branch back onto the tree. It seems like the harvest will be golden (pun intended)!


To play, you can do any combination of the activities on the list of forty given. Complete all the tasks in a single category from Outdoors, Food & Drink, History, Arts, Events, Landmarks, to Family, to win a matted print of the cover of the special Summer 2017 issue, along with a photo feature in an issue of Down East. If you're really determined, complete all forty tasks and you'll win a 10-year subscription to Down East, a matted souvenir photomosaic of your 40 selfies, and an invitation to visit the editorial offices of Down East in Rockport, where an identical photomosaic of your achievement will hang for one year! For proof of each task, regardless of how many you happen complete, submit a selfie at downeast.com/greatmainescavengerhunt. All entries are due before Labor Day. Below is a map of each activity provided by Down East. See if you can spot us!


We suspect a large portion of scavengers will be visiting our open house, coming up soon on Friday, July 14th from 3pm to 6pm. Each activity is a prize in itself, especially on our open house night, so let us know when you visit our garden if you're on the Great Maine Scavenger Hunt! We might even sneak into your selfie.😀 


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