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  • Plein Air Paint Out featuring Rebecca Klemetovich and Tom Merriam
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    Harvest Gold Gallery
Plein Air Paint Out featuring Rebecca Klemetovich and Tom Merriam

Those who have attended Harvest Gold’s Plein Air events in the past are familiar with the fun-filled days hosted in the gardens where we invite artists to come and paint the day away with us. The gallery offers a breathtakingly inspirational view of the mountains over Kezar Lake. 

Each session, we are joined by a featured artist. Harvest Gold’s Plein Air event, which is scheduled for July 27th, features Maine-based oil and watercolor artist Tom Merriam and New Hampshire based abstract artist Rebecca Klemetovich. 

Rebecca Klementovich was one of the first abstract artists to show at Harvest Gold Gallery.  Rebecca has been developing a new style and color palette since 2010 after she moved to the mountains of New Hampshire from NYC. Her work is in local museums, galleries, and collections. She has a serious commitment to the Arts. Rebecca’s work unites Abstract painting with Semi Landscapes. She seeks to introduce a new color palette and style of painting to New England that can challenge the hold that traditional schools have on the region. Her bright colors and the motion that can be seen through her strong brush strokes seek to represent the natural rhythm and vibrancy that can be seen in the mountains and trees all around us. 

Thomas Merriam is a self taught artist whose paintings, wood carvings and murals reflect his roots as a Maine native. While growing up in the woodlands of North Berwick and along the shorelines of York Harbor, Merriam developed a keen appreciation for the wonders of nature and wildlife and a heartfelt sense of American history. His work is filled with a Maine mystique and is reminiscent of the natural beauty and venerable traditions of New England. The nostalgic character of New England’s barns grab Merriam’s attention. Similarly, the rugged seascapes and rolling hills of its pastoral settings always capture his heart. Intricate details in his paintings offer a visual experience that tells a story, evokes memories and stirs feelings in the viewer; the sound of wind moving through tall pines or the smell of freshly cut hay.

We are very fortunate to have Rebecca and Tom joining us for our Plein Air session. If you are interested in seeing these artists paint, feel free to join us on July 27th, or any other Saturday in July!

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    Harvest Gold Gallery

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