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  • New Rebecca Klementovich Paintings!
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New Rebecca Klementovich Paintings!

This week one of our local artists, Rebecca Klementovich, dropped off several new paintings! Rebecca was the first abstract artist to show at Harvest Gold and we are so grateful that we get to work with her. Several of the pieces that she dropped off feature the optical phenomenon known as alpenglow.

"Winter Eclipse and Alpenglow"

Alpenglow occurs before sunrise and after sunset. Indirect sunlight reflects off of airborne precipitation or ice crystals, creating a band of pinkish light.

We see alpenglow here at the gallery all the time!

"Cold Winter Sky and Alpenglow"

"The sky is low with clouds. I am always studying all the pastel colors I see in the snow. The shadows on the snow play tricks on me, as I constantly see new things." - Rebecca Klementovich

"Winter Eclipse"

"This winter we had the most beautiful eclipses. I love how the grey clouds mask the moon. I paint these so that we can enjoy some warm colors in our winter blue landscapes." - Rebecca Klementovich

To see more of Rebecca's colorful and engaging work, visit our website or call and set up a time to visit the Gallery at 207-925-6502.

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    Harvest Gold Gallery

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