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  • Maine College of Art's Alumna, Lisa Ferriera, is Showing her Lamps at Harvest Gold!
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Maine College of Art's Alumna, Lisa Ferriera, is Showing her Lamps at Harvest Gold!

Original publish date: Jun. 22nd, 2010



 Color: Red Texture: Lilacs Wood: Spoulted Maple, Birch

Artist Lisa Ferriera, a Maine native, is among Harvest Gold Gallery’s new artists of 2010 and is definitely worth coming to see. Lisa spent her childhood on the coast of Maine where much of her inspiration for her work comes from. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Maine College of Art in Portland, ME and for over eight years she has been expanding her skills in creating handmade paper lampshades and wooden lamp stems. By combing several different mediums such as copper, wood, enamel, and papermaking Lisa is able to create magnificent lamps that she titles “free-form sculptural illuminations.”  She notes on her use of multiple mediums and several different processes commenting, “I thrive on combining all of these elements into my daily life. My process revolves around creating and developing the elements of my pieces, then building the forms with my handmade materials. I have always loved working closely with nature and with my hands.”

The handcrafted lampshades are designed from a completely organic and handmade paper that is made from natural elements including wildflowers, milkweed, grasses, leaves, seeds, berries, pine needles and natural dies. All of these materials are used to add both texture and color to create her original work. This handmade paper is then added to her unique copper wire formation to complete the lampshade. Finally the shade is added to Ferriera’s natural stem made from a branch that she has sanded down and stained, though making sure to retain all the branches original bends and knots. These lamp bases are made of cherry, maple, birch, willow, exotic and found wood.


harvestgold3lamp2.jpg   harvestgold3lamp.jpg

Color: Yellow Tint Texture: Milk Weed Wood: Pine, Maple, Stripe Maple, Beech

Ferriera states, “I truly believe that the creative process is an evolutionary one.  I am always discovering new methods, learning new techniques, and translating them through my emotion and vision.  I hope that I have shared this with you in my artistry.  I wish for others to recognize the value of the creative process and have the chance to indulge themselves in the natural elements of my work.”

Harvest Gold Gallery is proud to showcase Lisa Ferriera’s beautifully crafted and truly unique lamps that create an exclusive environment full of color. Her lamps are great for accent and mood lighting and their earthy yet whimsical style are absolutely charming. Ferriera’s work and other fine art may be viewed daily at Harvest Gold Gallery in Center Lovell, ME.    


Color: Yellow Tint Texture: Wild Flowers Wood: White Birch, Spoutled Maple

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    Harvest Gold Gallery
  • 2010Liese FerrieraLighting

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