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  • Local Love: Baby Loons on Lake Kezar!
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Local Love: Baby Loons on Lake Kezar!

Within the past couple days I have received some amazing and quite adorable news! The Lake Kezar Watershed Association(KLWA) has successfully caught, banded, examined, weighed, measured and were able to take blood and feather samples from 4 adult loons. All of which were returned to their mate and chicks in Northwest Cove and Fox Cove. They will now be able to track the growth of these chicks and their parents

Heinruch Wurm of KLWA holding an adult loon.

One of the chicks from Fox Cove.

An adult with a loon chick catching a ride (look very closely).

As some of you know 

"In 2014, KLWA began installing loon nesting platforms in key locations on Kezar Lake, Bradley Pond and Horseshoe Pond in the hope of ensuring survival of more loon chicks. The platforms are placed in early May and removed by August. 

This is a long-term project, as it will sometimes take several years before adult loons begin to use the platforms. As we expected, none of the platforms were used during the 2014 nesting season. Experts tell us that it can take several years before loons accept and begin to use these platforms.

Loon nesting platforms are small floating square islands that can help with both flooding and predation, as they not only rise and fall with water levels, but also have a cover that will help deter eagles, crows, and gulls from taking the eggs or chicks. We cannot stop the acid rain that brings the mercury or climate change that may be the cause of heavy rains, but we can create better nest sites and hope for the best."

Lucky for KWLA and Lovell residents this year was THAT year! KWLA asks that for optimum survival loons need to be given space and if you desire pictures to please use a long lens!

Folks on Lake Keewaydin in East Stoneham might be able to catch a peek of some loon chicks as well.

Chicks with their parents on Lake Keewaydin

Adult loon with two baby chicks.

A new loon family.

The photos above were taken on Lake Keewaydin by Susan Golder.

If you'd like to learn more about loons and what you can do to preserve the lake the annual KWLA meeting is July 14th at 8:30am



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