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  • Let's talk about the meaning behind art!
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Let's talk about the meaning behind art!

The artist has the job of living, feeling, and processing a unique experience and then finding a way to express that to others. The viewers may or may not get the same feelings that the art is meant to express, and that is okay! One of the fundamental things about art is how people interpret it differently.

~ "Shifting Tide" Aurora Winkler

Art is the physical manifestation of a mysterious human force: imagination. If it sparks your imagination or puts you in a certain mood, then you feel a connection and you "get it".

There are various perspectives and interpretations about each piece of art. Therefore not every person always appreciates all the beautiful art around them. Everyone can understand a realistic representation of things from real life.


~ "Sunflowers and Blueberries" Kristen Dill

However, it is important to understand there is a deeper meaning beyond the surface. A meaning to spark connection. Wether it reminds the viewer of a lost memory, provides emotional fulfillment, or the viewer just relates to it. 

"If art invokes an emotional response, it has done its job"

                                                                                         ~ Bill Rudd

Here at the gallery we love hearing each perspective you have and sharing them with our visitors. So come stop by and enjoy the beauty all around you, and in your everyday life. 


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    Harvest Gold Gallery

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