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  • Last Saturday's Plein Air
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Last Saturday's Plein Air

Last Saturday, Harvest Gold hosted artists for a beautiful day of plein air painting. Featured artists Varvara Harmon and Sandra Josephine Bell joined us in the gardens and created stunning work before our eyes.

It's amazing to see the progression of a piece over a short period of time. Here is the beginning of Sandra's painting compared to a few hours later.

Varvara Harmon set up her workspace and was happy to explain her artistic process to visitors.

Varvara described her technique of masking to bystanders. This is a process of using a liquid rubber to protect sections of the paper from paint. Once everything is dried and the masking is rubbed off, the artist is left with sections of untouched paper. In this piece, Varvara used many layers of masking to create the desired effect.

Come join us this Saturday for another plein air demonstration by Sandra Josephine Bell!

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    Harvest Gold Gallery

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