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February Birthstone: Amethyst

For all of those upcoming February birthdays, here are some interesting beliefs behind the stunning amethyst stone. 

The amethyst stone is always a unique and beautiful shade of purple and has a high energy pull to it. It has been called the “all-healer” by those who believe in crystal healing. This variety of Quartz is supposed to be able to still the mind enhancing a meditative state and create a field of protection from negativity. Amethyst wards of psychic attack and ill-wishing and brings back in return energy that has been transformed into something positive and loving. 

Amethyst is stone that represents love and a meaning relationship between partners. The crystal is believed to worn by Saint Valentine in a ring engraved with the image of cupid. Wear this crystal as an eternity ring or engagement ring to call back lost love or build a deeper soulful connection. Our rings here at Harvest gold might not be engraved cupid but they have a timeless elegance to them that you or your partner could wear for years.

Happy Birthday to those who are lucky enough to have this stone as their birthstone (including Bill and Lynda!). Come to the Gallery to see more of our amethyst treasures and share your healing stories with us. Hope to see you soon!

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