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  • Bridal Style Shoot!
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Bridal Style Shoot!

 Earlier this month, Harvest Gold Gallery was invited to take part in a bridal style shoot in Ogunquit and sent Liz with a selection of jewelry.

Organized by photographer Katie Trauffer with Renee Strange of Strange Events, a style shoot allows professionals involved with weddings to showcase their services. When Liz arrived, the “bride”, Emily, was in the middle of hair and makeup, done by Jessica Griffin. Katie looked through the jewelry provided by the gallery and selected pearl earrings and a coin pearl necklace. She photographed invitations with some of the jewelry and a variety of objects to go with an overall theme and color scheme while Renee steamed the wedding dress. 

Once the bride was dressed and ready, everyone made their way to the beach. Renee kept a full arsenal of supplies in her car, anything that might be needed during the shoot. When the veil kept blowing away, she was ready with a clip to hold it in place, albeit a bright orange one! The tide was coming in and the sun was setting, but Katie kept the shoot on track, while Renee was there to jump in to help.

Most people only see the photos after a wedding, but this opportunity provided insight to everything that goes into a bridal shoot. Thank you to Katie Trauffer Photography and Strange Events for inviting Harvest Gold to be a part of this fun opportunity, and to Emily for being a great model!

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    Harvest Gold Gallery

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