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  • Baby, It's Cold Outside!
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Baby, It's Cold Outside!

We love the winter here at Harvest Gold! It brings snow for skiing, hot chocolate for sipping, and cozy winter clothes like scarves and mittens. Even the animals love it! The best part of winter in Lovell is all of the beautiful scenery. With the mountains surrounding us and the many trees everywhere you look, there could not be a more perfect spot to paint a winter scene. Check out some of these amazing winter-themed paintings by various artists here at the gallery:

"Winter Cardinal" by Tom Merriam

"Phthalo Blue Ice On the Saco" by Rebecca Klementovich

"One Last Run" by Diane Scott

We have even more seasonal paintings on view here at the Gallery and on the website. We'd love to see you and show you what winter-themed art we have on display!

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    Harvest Gold Gallery

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