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  • Artist Spotlight: Varvara Harmon
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    Harvest Gold Gallery
Artist Spotlight: Varvara Harmon

One of our bestselling artist at Harvest Gold Gallery, Varvara Harmon has been hiking local mountains around Maine and using them for inspiration for her new pieces.

This picture was taken by Varvara at Frankstein Cliffs, White Mountains in New Hampshire about a 45 minute drive from Harvest Gold Gallery. Down below this is a recreation of the photo done by Varvara in oil painting.

The realism is amazing at first glance the painting looks like a photograph.

To checkout some of her work you can stop into Harvest Gold Gallery.  Her work brings light to the walls of the gallery.  It is remarkable how they seem to be lit from within.

To keep up with Varvara's amazing paintings, and the many other fine artists at Harvest Gold Gallery check out our Facebook page and Instagram.  


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/harvestgoldgallery

Website: http://www.harvestgoldgallery.com

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    Harvest Gold Gallery

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