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  • Artist Spotlight: Diane Scott
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Artist Spotlight: Diane Scott

For today's Artist Spotlight, we're going over Diane Scott. Diane Scott is a local Maine painter who specializes in beautiful oil paintings depicting, primarily, scenes in nature.

"Emerald Pool"

This painting is a great example of Diane Scott's use of color and texture to showcase how the light reflects. If you look closely enough, even with the broad strokes, you can see the waterfall's reflection on the water, showing the line of motion.

"Glitter (Upper Kimball Pond)"

This is another painting that shows Diane Scott's expertise with lighting. This one in particular showcases how light reflects through leaves and trees during Autumn. 

"One Guard in the Gap" 

This is one of Diane Scott's more structured paintings, the top of the tree is painted with beautiful detail, and the mountains rising in the background gives off a sense of height that is hard to put into words.

Artist Quote: 

"My main focus as I mature as an artist has become to find my authentic voice, to embrace it, to protect and defend it, to nurture it, to hold it close to my heart, as I would an imperfect child!"

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