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  • Artist Feature: Carol Novotne
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Artist Feature: Carol Novotne

One of the most beloved artists at Harvest Gold is Carol Novotne. Based in Helena, Montana, Novotne held her first show at the age of 16. She is a member of the International Guild of Impressionism.

"Portland Head Light" by Carol Novotne

Novotne gained a degree in Fine Arts and later studied ceramics, jewelry making and gold casting, and painting before receiving a Master's degree in anthropology. In 1983, she became the director of the Helena Art Center, a school of fine arts.

"Autumn Afternoon" by Carol Novotne

Novotne has said, "I love in a world of light and texture. I live in a world of movement, of prisms of color, and of spheres of light and shadow. I look to paint a single short moment in time and place."

"First Snow at Tuckerman's Ravine" by Carol Novotne

We are so lucky to have the work of this talented artist here in our Gallery. As always, pictures don't do the paintings justice and we hope you stop in to see Carol Novotne's work in person!

"Lillies and a Blue Sky" by Carol Novotne




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    Harvest Gold Gallery

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