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Hoops Month: Anticlastic

Anticlastic hoops: My personal favorite style of hoops, Harvest Gold’s Anticlastic hoops are polished smooth, and reflect the light with a brilliant shine. These hoops are elegant and make a stunning gift to any fashion forward person! Coming in styles ranging from classic rounds to ovals, waves, and loop-d-loops, there is an anticlastic hoop to suit everyone’s style.


Our anticlastic hoops can be made with a variety of posts to best suit your needs. The two main styles of posts that we build are basic straight posts, and self-locking posts. Where the synclastic self-locking posts are straight posts that lock into holes in the back tab of the hoop, anticlastic self-locking posts loop directly over the hoop. The curved walls built by the anticlastic style of hammering allow the equally curved post to nestle into the back of the hoop, and guarantees a comfortable and easy wear!