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Nyla's Favorite paintings!
 Hello Everyone! My name is Nyla and I started working at Harvest Gold about two months ago. Every day I've been in the Gallery I've come to appreciate the beauty of the artwork around me and every artist's unique style. Today I'm going to share some of my absolute favorite paintings in the Harvest Gold Gallery with you.
Click on any of the paintings to see them on our website!
First, "Lupines in the Sky" by Varvara Harmon. This is one of the pieces that really caught my eye walking through the gallery for the first time. I love the visible beams of sunlight filtering through the trees, highlighting the delicate spiderweb in the bottom left corner of the painting. To me, the spiderweb nestled in the lupines is the centerpiece of the painting. The cool undertone of the painting makes it feel like Harmon has captured the first rays of sun in the early morning, the light reflecting off dew drops trapped in the web. The cool color palette is complemented by the soft orange shadows of the lupines' leaves and scattered throughout the tips of the tree branches.
Next, "The Yard" by Doug Houle.The first time I saw this painting the bright turquoise of the truck surrounded by the earthy tones of the rest of the scene brought my eyes right to it. The pops of bright colors lead my eyes around the entire painting, noticing the carefully placed details before taking a step back and viewing the painting as a whole. The painting feels like a warm day, standing in the yard with the sun directly over head, soaking in the late summer air.
"Sun over Field" by Varvara Harmon. Varvara's paintings are world renowned for their realism, and this one is no exception. The picture above doesn't fully capture the light emanating from the the sunset and the sky above. Seeing it in person, the blue sky and the sun's rays pouring onto the field almost seem to have their own life, glowing in a way I've never seen captured in any other artist's painting before. I love how focus of this painting is the background, letting the light bounce off the little trees in the foreground, decorating the field about not taking away from the bold clouds.
"The Lace Curtains" by Amy Laskin. Amy Laskin's paintings never cease to amaze me. The detail in her paintings is extraordinary and I get lost in a new part of this painting every time I look at it. The seamless layering of different aspects in the painting, such as the night sky poking through the lace curtains, is fascinating. It almost feels like if I shifted my gaze from the curtains to the moon I could see right through them and view the moon in perfect detail. I love the brightness of the painting and how each and every flower and leaf is highlighted, creating a  dimensional, striking scene.
Stop in and see these beautiful pieces for yourself at the Harvest Gold Gallery!
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    Harvest Gold Gallery

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