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  • Birthstone of the month: Sapphire!
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Birthstone of the month: Sapphire!
Anybody born in September knows that this month's birthstone is Sapphire!
Sapphire is a gemstone comes from the mineral corundum, and is most famous for its deep blue coloration. Though it is most commonly recognized for it's deep blue beauty, sapphires come in a very wide variety of colors.
The only color sapphires don't come in is red, because when corundum has a red color it is instead recognized as a ruby! Sapphires are super durable, ranking a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale which makes them the perfect stone to wear as jewelry. You can wear sapphires without ever having to fear about them cracking or chipping! Fun fact, sapphires can be man-made, meaning they can be synthesized in a lab and will have the same properties as a natural sapphire. Sapphire has been known as a royal stone, often worn by royalty as a status symbol.
Pictured above is a photo of Princess Diana's engagement ring. Sapphire has also been know to represent sincerity, faithfulness, and fidelity, which makes it the perfect anniversary gift. Sapphires are traditionally given as a gift on the 5th and 45th wedding anniversary.
Happy Birthday to all the September birthdays and we hope to see you all in the Gallery soon!
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